Wellness and body shape

Elettrostimolatore professionale
Apparecchiatura per inestetismi del corpo
Apparecchiatura per inestetismi del viso
Apparecchiatura per linfodrenaggio
Elettroporatore per inestetismi viso
Apparecchiatura per rassodare
Depilatore professionale corpo
Apparecchiatura per trattamenti anticellulite
Trattamenti di bellezza Italia
Trattamenti anticellulite e adiposità localizzate
Macchine estetiche Italia
Lettini Termali Italia
Apparecchiatura ad ossigeno per viso e collo
Lettino per trattamenti estetici
Lettino estetico ad acqua
Presso terapia Italia
Apparecchiatura per trattamenti di dermoabrasione viso
Pressotherapy Italy
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Appareils de beauté et amincissement
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Appareils esthétiques
Beauty equipment and appliances
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Wellness and body shape
Apparecchiatura per combattere le adiposità localizzare
Apparecchiatura per drenare

Wellness and body shape
Wellness and body shape

Wellness and body shape


Daphne is a young company, composed of young and dynamic, but at the same time with the necessary experience in the beauty sector to be developed around the need for Wellness and body shape.

The development and research of the highest quality is our philosophy as well as after-sales service we provide to our customers to ensure assistance to the equipment for the Wellness and body shape quickly, and technical support on the appropriate use and application Equipment for wellness and body shape.

Our staff is at your disposal for any questions or concerns, customer satisfaction is our reward.

The servicing of machines and equipment for the Wellness and body shape is our pride, our philosophy is to follow the customer also and especially after the purchase in time, when the customer needs it most do not leave rilsovere alone to the problems that can be created.

The Daphne has different preparations and technical tools that solve problems for Wellness and body shape in a short time, often within 48 hours, and that in any case are always available by phone for advice, because we know that our equipment is tools work for you.

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